The other color that you see on the right is Cherry. Bona Stains and Finishes work in perfect tandem to seal in the natural your own Pins on Pinterest 50 West, Defy the Laws of Luxury - Lower Manhattan, NYC Bona Adhesive, Bona DriFast Stain, Bona Traffic HD; Designed by world-renowned architect, Helmut Jahn and Thomas Juul-Hansen. Duraseal stain are one of the two proffesional stain used by most flooring contractors, with the one being Bona. Home Decor. Discover (and save!) We are in the process of refinishing our red oak floors and I was wanting to have a lighter stain finish so after looking at stain samplea on the floor we chose mediun brown stain cut twice with neutral. Jobsite 50 West, Defy the Laws of Luxury - Lower Manhattan, NYC Bona Adhesive, Bona DriFast Stain, Bona Traffic HD. NEW. Huntersville,N.C. Natural wood tones vary, so expect your final stain color to vary slightly from board to board. RED MAHOGANY EARLY AMERICAN JACOBEAN ANTIQUE BROWN SPECIAL WALNUT TWIG Bona’s DriFast® Stain Collections offer the latest choices for hardwood floor inspiration. Bona DriFast Quick Dry Stain Graphite 1 qt Stains Bona DriFast Quick Dry Stain (graphite) is an oil-modified stain that dries and is recoatable in two hours. Jun 4, 2019 - hardwood flooring:Find your solution for maintenance, installation, sand and finish. (total agreement, the Jacobean really fell short on my floors – maybe it’s better on white oak) The three DuraSeal shades I’ve narrowed it to are Coffee, Antique Brown, and Spice. 09 525 0652 Albany - Auckland ph. Turn your inspired floor ideas into reality with a Bona Certified Craftsman. Learn to love it for what it is, not for what it's not. The more the graining shows, the more traditional it will look. Red oak has some natural colour variation and has course grain that can be quite straight or end in beautiful cathedrals. Unless you bleach it first. ANTIQUE BROWN. Find just the right shade or custom mix to provide a unique offering to your customers. Bona ab is a family owned company founded in 1919. Sand Dune on wire brushed Red Oak. DriFast Stain's advanced technology, quick-drying formula provides speed and high performance for hardwood floor finishing professionals. … A passion for wood floors. Cherry. Dark Walnut. Ebony. Which would be labor intensive and expensive. Coffee Brown. Four beautiful collections with 26 colors capture the invigorating spirit of great design. The dark one is called Coffee Brown (1 coat) and the lighter one is called Spicy Brown (2 coats of stain). If you are attempting to search for suggestions for 22 Best Hardwood Floor Stain Colors for Red Oak then this is the location to be. Duraseal has a huge color selection with 37 beautiful color choices currently offered. Country White. white oak - apply dilute reddish brown dye. Birch on White Oak. I'm dying to go lighter, but I keep reading with red oak, I'm out of luck. The floor now looks very orange all over (stain sample did not look like this). Our original floors were stained Provincial (? This inspirational collection of five gorgeous, customized color style options offers a comprehensive range of stains and finishes to create beautiful floors. Whie using a green based brown on red oak can help to cancel out some of the redness, you're always going to have tones of red in red oak. Bona DriFast® Stain is available in these popular wood tone colors. Coffee brown has a bit more red in it, but it is usually subtle. About Red Oak A popular and attractive looking shade tree, the Northern Red Oak can be found on suburban streets across the North American continent. Pre-packaged colors include: Golden Oak 112, Expresso 173, True Black 199, Provincial 111, Special Walnut 124, Golden Pecan 145, Colonial Maple 140, Fruitwood 141, Red Mohogany 125, English Chestnut 133, Cherry 135, Weathered Oak 170, Dark Walnut 171, Jacobean 175, Classic Gray 172, Neutral 110, Spice Brown 137, Sedona Red 143, Coffee Brown 123, Antique Brown 116, Rosewood 139, Nutmeg … # antiquebrown # woodfloor # nj # warrennj # woodfloorrefinishing # bonapro # bonacertifiedcraftsman. RED MAHOGANY. Coming soon. WHITE. Jun 19, 2019 - Red oak stained Duraseal Antique Brown satin finish. Jan 14, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by Cindy Manning-King. Related Videos. Dec 18, 2015 - Refinished red oak with antique brown stain and finished with Bona Mega Clear HD satin Antique Brown. Colors are shown on White Oak. )l and then Antique Brown (stairs and bedroom in 2006 addition). Depend on Bona. Most obviously, COLOR: Contrary to what the name suggests, White Oak is a darker wood than Red Oak. Laminate Flooring Cleaner How To Clean Laminate Flooring Linoleum Flooring Wood Laminate White Laminate Bona Floor Household Cleaning Supplies Floor Care Clean Microfiber The color of White Oak is a mix of browns and tans ranging from dark brown to beige, while Red Oak is a lighter wood that ranges from almost white to a soft amber color. Red Oak has pinkish tones and red hues throughout. 1 part Sedona Red, 1 part Grey 3 parts Red Mahogany, 1 part Ebony, 1 part Graphite 3 parts Jacobean, .5 Ebony 1 part Antique Brown, 1 part Cherry 1 part Medium Brown, 1 part Grey 3 parts Graphite, 1 part Sedona Red 1 part Rosewood, 1 part Grey 1 part Antique Brown, 1 part White 4 parts Special Walnut, 1 part Ebony 1 part Red Mahogany, 1 part Grey Shop Bona Sedona Red DriFast (Quart) Oil-Based Stain (SS750051175) from City Floor Supply, your go-to distributor for all your hardwood floor finishing needs. 07 848 2551 Tauranga m. 027 280 9024 New Plymouth m. 027 445 9621 Palmerston North I think one of the keys is how much the graining shows. No floor is complete unless its bona … I would wipe on dye sparingly (don't flood onto oak as it will ring around the pore tubes) and then wipe off. Colonial Maple. Need a service? Metropolitan: Graphite Sophisticated soul Saturated reds and smoky browns. An oil-modified stain that dries and is recoatable in two hours. Dura Seal is definitely a better brand than Minwax, the color is richer and the oak absorbed it more evenly. After achieving an undertone of red-brown and dye is dry, then apply a coat of Zinsser seal coat (2 lb dewaxed shellac). We provide products for the installation maintenance and renovation of wooden floors throughout their lifetime. Bona DriFast Stain® is available in these popular wood tone colors. Metropolitan Urban, elegant, sophisticated ClassicTraditional, historic, quintessential EssentialsInnovative, alluring, distinctive NaturalsBright, relaxed, inviting Twig on White Oak Birch on White Oak Driftwood water popped on White Oak Sand Dune on wire brushed Red Oak We are considering a mix of weathered oak and mixed with gray stain (which I found scouring the net). Bona Traffic Finish - Red Oak Hardwood Floors. Mar 18, 2018 - Bona stains on red oak, top to bottom: Driftwood Jacobean Early American Antique Brown Chosen: Medium Brown Aged Barrel. Red oak hardwood floors stained with Bona Antique Brown stain finished with Bona Mega One waterborne urethane satin finish. Compatible with all Bona waterborne systems and all other Bona … … Mar 20, 2019 - Refinished red oak with antique brown stain and finished with Bona Mega Clear HD satin #hardwoodflooringwhite We have just had our red oak floors sanded and prepped for staining this Thursday. BIRCH. NEW N AT U R A L. GOLDEN OAK. Explore. Antique brown will is darker/browner and red should not be a concern. They both have 1 coat of water based finish and the floor was sanded with 100. Classic Gray. For various size of floors in different locations there are various suggestions that I might share to you. Staining Wood. Contact the ideal wood flooring professional. Dark floors are a huge PIA to live with, regardless if they are red or white oak. Because there are so many items available to you, this can be a slow process. Red oak stained Duraseal Antique Brown satin finish. Dark Gray. COCOA. Bona DriFast Antique Brown Stain. Best to use water-based dye for large surface area to avoid lapping. Target Inspired Home Decor. Stains bona s new drifast stain collections offer the latest choices for hardwood floor inspiration in your home. Early American on Red Oak Penrose - Auckland ph. If you like your wood with heavy grain patterns and want lots of colour options, then Red Oak is for you. Meanwhile, our living, dining, family and kitchen have been prepped and we wanted to add a darker shade that would blend with antique brown. We are refinishing existing 2 1/4" red oak floors that are currently a darker stain and completely replacing the floors in some rooms, so we have to stick with red oak. DriFast Stain's advanced technology, quick-drying formula provides speed and high performance for hardwood floor finishing professionals. October 2020. 1:00. Please be patient... We're looking up all of your individual pricing and inventory levels. Bona inspiration for hardwood floors - crafted from trends in fashion, color, home décor and architecture. . Applying sealer to this red oak stained Bona Antique Brown. Bona DriFast® Stain Early American Bona DriFast® Stain Medium Brown Bona DriFast® Stain Jacobean Bona DriFast® Stain Red Mahogany Classic Elegance Connect with timeless, historic and vintage elements with Touch of Grace.